Thursday, 14 April 2016

My reflection

My reflection 

This term I have been learning about the elements of music so I can communicate to anyone from any culture because music is a universal language. To show this learning I created a soundscape to match my poem about my Bach. My soundscape is unistructural because I did not finish my soundscape because I was away. I made the sound of the water dripping out of the spa and the birds chirping in the trees. Overall my soundscape termed out pretty good. 

Where I wake up 

I wake up to a beautiful tune from the 
bell bird up in the trees.
I wake up to a sound of a rooster in the morning. 
I wake up to the smell of sheep and cow poo in the air.
I wake up to a sound of the spa rumbling 
and the pool filter splashing. 
I wake up to the sound of woodpeckers in the trees.

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