Monday, 14 March 2016

Anonymous cat

Anonymous cat 

The breeze blows on the cat's fur 
like grass swaying in the wind. 

His pixilated face 
blinds me.                                     

The cat's tail swings everywhere 
like an uncontrollable shark. 

The cat's eyes make him look guilty 
Probably because he did something. 

In this poem I have been learning to use metaphors and similes like giving a plant a human action. I have used three in this poem, so it is multistructural. My next step is to make all my ideas connect to the same emotion or feeling.


  1. I can imagine the cats fur swaying an it staring at you.

  2. Good story nice description of what happened reminds me of sniper overall good story

  3. Cool i like the part were you say the cats tail swings like an uncontrollable shark