Tuesday, 27 October 2015


On our drive to the place of great flint, lush green grass sways in the wind as we drove past. Prickle bushes cover the mountain. The winding long road fades off into the distance. A sparkling lake off to the left lies still and flat despite the wind.  The setting Sun is about to melt into the horizon.  Other cars zoom past as fast as a bullet.  Black and white sheep dot the hillsides.


  1. Great story you have here it really put a picture it my mind andI have been to otematata

  2. Wow Lewis.
    This gives me such vivid memories of our family breaks at our bach. You use such emotive descriptive words and it makes me want to go there right NOW!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sick details and I also like the sentence
    The prickle bushes cover the mountain