Thursday, 29 October 2015

My birthday in hanmer

People glide out of the hydroslide that twirls like a snake. They scream with laughter. The queue twists down the stairs to the bottom. The light that tells you when to go was flashing on and off.The warm water rushes down my legs as I sit at the top of the hydroslide.

The smell of rotten eggs wafted up my nose. goosebumps were bulging out of people's skin when they were walking around. the trees swaying in the wind. People eating the mouth watering fish and chips. 

The sparkling white snow on the hills. The sound of boats horns. The cold wind on my chest. The dark sky above me.



  1. I like it how you describe it and your using good words like twirls like a snake. The sparkling white hills I think is a really good scentines. Think it is fantastic story.

  2. I was with you that weekend in Hanmer and you were very sick with Strep throat. Despite being sick though you rode that Hydroslide like there was no tomorrow.
    I remember the smell too and you describe it well.
    I also remember the fish and chips- I was very jealous.

  3. Hi Lewis-I loved the great descriptive writing you used-I could imagine the sounds and the smells at the pools. Good story -Gina