Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Saving a dog

We have been  learning to write a strong beginning.  Here is mine.

One dark day my cousin arrived in Otematata  “Mum! Lily's here.” I dashed out the door to greet her. There she was standing on the shingle road with her long brown hair. I could barely see her because of the bushes surrounding us. We all helped to unpack their bags. We walked inside. I showed Lily around.

"Hey Lewis, why don't you show Lily the back reserve?" 

We trotted outside and opened the gate.  A little puppy was standing in the middle of the reserve.

"Lily, there's a puppy, we should help it, ok? I will go and get it. You go and get my mum ok?” 

A few minutes later my mum was there.  

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