Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The tree accident

Can you remember a time someone hurt themselves by doing something silly? Maybe they were running in the classroom and tripped and smashed  their head. Or perhaps you were showing off on your scooter to do a jump that's way too hard, and ended up breaking something. Sometimes hurting yourself is just out of your control. And it can be pretty gruesome.

One sunny day after school Josh, Lochie and Ari came to my house. They dashed in the door. "Hey Lewis,” said Josh. “Do you want to go play armies?” 
So we started playing armies.  Josh and I were in a team. It was intense because we had no idea where they were so Josh and I made a hut in the tallest, strongest  tree that we could find.  I decided to send Josh off to find some wood to build a hut. He jumped down into the bushes and sprinted across the driveway. Then BANG BANG! 
Josh had been shot. Then I saw Lochie and Ari dragging him to their home base. I jumped into the prickly bushes and slowly sneaked to the front door. Lochie was right there. I turned to shoot him but then BANG POW. I was sent falling to the ground. The game was over, Lochie and Ari were the winners.   But Josh was feeling sad, so he climbed up the tree.  He was feeling upset at what had happened, and didn’t want to talk to anyone.  My mother called him down, to talk about what happened.  As he started to slowly climb down, he put his feet on a branch that was perhaps too old, or too weak.  It snapped and Josh hit the ground. He looked at his arm, there was a large twig sticking out of his arm.  It was gruesome.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I think that to stop getting hurt, we need to think before we do something.  


  1. That was a gruesome sight Lewis! Very well written,

  2. Good writing Lewis I hope josh is alright now. It must of been pretty gruesome ��