Monday, 21 September 2015

Arts reflection

Yesterday the whole school were in town doing our performances and to make a connection with the community.

My highlights was the flash mob and the plays. The flash mob because it looked cool how we were all doing the same moves at the same time.  I think our plays went well because everyone knew their lines off by heart and everyone did a great job. 

I used eye contact to involve the audience. I projected my voice so the audience could hear me. This helped the audience to listen to my play. The community responded great because they gave a clap and a cheer and a pat on the back.

I saw whānaungatanga when other kids’ parents were clapping and saying ‘Wow that was great.’  

In my own free time I will try and create my own dance or play maybe a hip hop dance.

Here is our link for our dace/play


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